The Innovation Race Public Events

Most events Andrew & Gaia Grant present at are private in-house sessions, but from time to time they present at public sessions.

Please see below for upcoming details or contact us if you'd like to organise one.

Events List

Thumb City / Country Name / Descriptions Date / Time/ Venue Link
Thumb Sydney ODSC Research Seminar
(Organizational Discourse, Strategy and Change, University of Sydney Business School)
Presented by Gaia Grant
Presentation: "Between Community and Corporate: How the top management team in a refugee advocacy organisation experiences and responds to paradoxical demands in innovating."
May 25 2017
/ 15:30-16:30
/ Room 5050 Abercrombie Building, University of Sydney Business School, Sydney
Thumb Melbourne D5 ‘Ignite, Gain, Sustain: Navigating the 4 key innovation paradoxes’
Presented by Gaia Grant
June 5 2017
/ 17:30-19:30
/ Dimension5, 1/10 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne
Thumb GREECE Research Presentation at the PROS Symposium June 21-24 2017 More info
Thumb LONDON Authocraft Book Author Launch Presentation June 27 2017  
Thumb COPENHAGEN Research Presentation at the EGOS Symposium July 5-8 2017 More info
Thumb Hong Kong Jack Morton Book Launch Sept 2017  

Completed Events

Thumb Melbourne The Creative Innovation Conference, Asia-Pacific, 2016
Masterclass presented by Andrew and Gaia Grant: “The Innovation Race: How to create a culture that supports sustainable and purposeful innovation”
Nov 7 & 8 2016
/ Sofitel, Melbourne on Collins
Thumb Singapore Book Launch – The Innovation Race at Singapore Management University Sep 27 2016
/ Singapore Management University
Thumb Sydney Dymocks Bookshop Events.
Please scroll down to find as events are ordered by date.
Aug 23 2016
/ Dymocks Bookshops
Thumb Singapore Book launch July 27 2016
/ Collision 8
Thumb Kelowna CFO Forum “Book launch” (Andrew & Gaia Grant) Jan 26 2017
/ Kelowna, Canada
Thumb Vancouver CEO Forum “Book launch” (Andrew & Gaia Grant) Jan 31 2017
/ Vancouver, Canada
Thumb Montreal Corporate “Book launch” (Gaia Grant) (TBC) Feb 3 2017  
Thumb Cincinnati Miami University + Xavier University “The Innovation Race” Workshops (Gaia Grant) Feb 5-8 2017
/ Cincinnati, USA
Thumb Sydney Bayer “Experimentation & Creative Thinking” (Andrew Grant & Dr Lloyd Irwin) Feb 6-7 2017
/ Sydney, Australia
Thumb Portland CEO Guild “Book launch” (Gaia Grant) Feb 10 2017
/ USA (Portland)
Thumb International Tata “The Innovation Race” Webinar (Andrew Grant) Feb 15 2017
/ Webinar, International
Thumb Dubai Prime Minister's Office / Duke University “Innovation Ideas Lab” (Andrew Grant) Feb 18-23 2017
/ UAE (Dubai)