The Innovation Race Keynote

Keynote speak on innovation topics

Who wins, who loses, who gets eliminated — and why we need to change the game?

Keynote: The Innovation Race

Why have some great countries, cultures and companies charged ahead at the forefront of innovation, while others have struggled to survive? Who are the most innovative cultures in the world and why? And what does this mean for organizations today and for the race to survive and thrive?

Through drawing out fascinating insights from different cultures around the world this keynote presentation reveals principles we can all use to improve the way we think about innovation and ultimately change the game. Fast-paced entertainment and humor are blended with deep social and anthropological research, with profound implications for facing contemporary challenges. Along the way participants discover the enduring cultural traits that foster true creative thinking and innovation. They identify how (organizational) culture can shape creative and innovative thinking – and in turn how creative thinking can shape organizational culture for ultimate success.

Focus Session 1: How to stay in and even win the innovation race: Tools for creating a competitive advantage

This session provides clues for building a solid culture of innovation through identifying the roadblocks, detours and fast forward strategies to stay ahead of the game. Parallels are drawn with organization survival and success, identifying the traits of ordinary and extra-ordinary organizations.

Focus Session 2: How to create a sustainable culture for innovation: Tools for sustainable innovation

How often do we stop to think about how and why we innovate? Are WE in danger of innovating for the sake of innovating? And what does all this mean for contemporary organizations? This session challenges the typical assumption that innovation is about designing bigger, better, and faster products and services – and suggests, instead, that it should be about creative culture change. By turning the standard ‘success’ paradigm upside down, this session examines the real meaning of progress, and demonstrate how it is possible to transform an organization at the most fundamental levels in a socially responsible way.