About The Future-Ready Leadership Profiles

For many years people have believed that innovation is about by being open and taking risks. Risk takers like Steve Jobs have been venerated for their innovation accomplishments, and cutting edge companies like Google appear to be leading in the ‘innovation race’ due to their ‘open’ strategies.

Yet Gaia Grant's research from interviews with more than 70 global innovation leaders and surveys with more than 1,000 – along with our international consulting work with leading innovative companies over 30 years – has revealed that most leaders and organisations today have only half the story right. Few are set up for long term survival.

This session is based on Gaia’s recent book The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game and identifies the unlikely paradoxical elements needed to be ‘fit for the future’. It includes an interactive game board exercise with a global challenge and connected case studies to identify the principles for sustainable innovation.

Through the session Gaia reveals her unique research findings on how to fuel innovation through successfully and dives deeper into the 4 key innovation ‘Paradox Pairings’ and the ‘Innovation Change Leader (iCLi) Profiling tool. This session can also be delivered as business facilitation - for a live group of leaders needing to explore these issues in real time.

Tirian is now offering a specialty coaching team for helping to improve ‘FUTURE-READY LEADERSHIP’ skills and capabilities, and to assist with building a sustainable innovation culture and results in your organisation. The coaching program is based on our breakthrough research through the University of Sydney, and includes skilled coaches from strong industry and leadership development backgrounds.

The ‘FUTURE-READY LEADERSHIP’ Feedback and Coaching sessions are designed to assist individuals and teams with understanding how to interpret and apply the results of their profile assessment for more effective self, team and organization leadership. Our coaches work with you to identify your needs, tailor development programs, and measure progress.

Innovate Future Ready Leadership Facilitated Workshop
INNOVATE Managing Innovation Executive level innovation coaching

These sessions are dynamic interactive conversations that enable individuals to identify and understand:

  • ‘Future-ready leadership’ strength and challenge areas
  • Areas for development to build on strengths and complement or extend capabilities in challenge areas
  • How to interact better with others to maximise team and organization results
  • Goal setting strategies that include measurable actions
  • Throughout the session notes are taken on relevant individual interpretations and applications which will assist with building the full personalized feedback report
  • The coaching sessions can be booked and run online through Zoom or in-person, depending on availability of an accredited coach in your area.

Become an accredited coach to use the iCLi, with an online LMS. Use the iCLi as part of your tool kits Personalised coaching session. Online video learning. Written assessment with feedback. Standard and Master levels available.