Accredited (iCLi) Coaches & Partners

Becoming an accredited iCLi Coach
For more information on becoming accredited iCLi Coaches, you can watch the video above and contact:

Ambidextrous Future Ready Leader Accredited iCLi coach
Kathryn Haydon talks about becoming an accredited coach in the Ambidextrous Future Ready Leader course by learning and using the iCLi assessment profiling tool.

To ensure our research can reach a global audience we have designed an online course and accreditation coaching program. This allows local people (both independent coaches and inhouse leaders) to become accredited to deliver the iCLi as part of their coaching tool kit. Below are a list of names / companies that have been accredited.

iCLi Accredited Coaches List



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Accredited coach: Gaia Grant
Dr. Gaia Grant