Become an Accredited iCLi Coach

Coaching For Future-Ready Leadership

The Future-Ready Leadership Coaching Program Training course is designed to prepare coaches and leaders for delivering feedback on the Innovation Change Leadership (iCLi) profile measure.

‘Future-ready leadership’ skills are critical work and life skills for all. This ‘Future-Ready Leadership’ approach is based on the latest research into how to be an ‘innovative change leader’ for sustainable success.

This coach training course is ideal for developing skills for coaching and leading as a coach within the organisation, as well as for independent coaches to use in a commercial coaching context.

The coaching training program based on this approach includes a fascinating validated assessment and interactive exercises.

This approach helps with the exploration of individual unique ‘Innovative Change Leadership’ (iCLi) profiles. Through participating in this program participants learn how to manage the dynamic tension between the principles of exploration, for breakthrough new innovation ideas, and preservation, for incremental continuous improvement. They learn how to lead teams to help ensure they are propelled forward by the creative dynamic between these positions rather than potentially threatened by the tension.

Through this process participants come to appreciate the importance of becoming ambidextrous, aligned and agile future-ready leaders.

More info on Ambidextrous Future-Ready Leadership (iCLi): Core Coaching Training

For more information on becoming an accredited iCLi Coach you can watch the video above and contact:

Ambidextrous Future Ready Leader Accredited iCLi coach
Kathryn Haydon talks about becoming an accredited coach in the Ambidextrous Future Ready Leader course by learning and using the iCLi assessment profiling tool.