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Coaching For Sustained Innovation & Growth

Want to know how to achieve truly innovative and effective results?

Tirian is now offering a speciality coaching team for helping to improve innovation culture and results in your organisation. The coaching program is based on our breakthrough research through the University of Sydney, and includes top innovation coaches from strong industry and innovation leadership development backgrounds.

Our coaches work with you to identify your needs, tailor development programs, and measure progress.

What’s The Urgency?

Creative thinking and innovation leadership are critical future work skills. Leaders in particular must learn to develop the original thinking and agility needed to manage the competing demands of complex rapid change contexts. This program is based on the latest research and covers how to build individual leadership skills and lead teams for innovation and rapid growth. Through the program participants learn to identify personal innovation strengths and challenge areas and transform the organisation from within using our unique proven strategies and tools. The program is suitable for all budding entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, leaders and managers wanting to transform their leadership approach.

Tagetted Outcomes

Outcomes of the coaching process are determined in partnership with the client and can include:
  • Leading a startup
  • Managing a rapidly growing org
  • Agile leadership development
  • Milestones for innovation projects
  • Introducing change initiatives
  • Building creative leadership skills
  • Coordinating innovation teams
  • Initiating new projects
  • Fostering an innovative culture

Unique Strategies And Tools

Unique practical strategies and tools developed through a rigorous research approach can include:
  • Foundation Principles ‘Polar Positioning’ (PoP) tool based on ‘ambidextrous leadership’ principle for managing complex innovation dynamics
  • Mindset & Skillset Development ‘Innovation Change Leadership’ (iCLi) profile tool  for developing behaviours that support innovation leadership & culture
  • Practical Model for Implementation ‘Strategies for Innovative Development’ (SID) model & online tracking system for situational & systematic innovation from ideation to implementation

About The Program Researcher And Designer

Dr Gaia Grant PhD is a researcher and executive education lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School with the Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is the MD and co-founder of Tirian International, and the co-author of popular business books on innovation, and the creator of a number of innovation leadership tools and strategies including the popular iCLi Profile system, SID model and PoP tool. Gaia has worked with executive leaders and teams from Fortune 500 companies through to not-for-profits for 25 years to assist with driving desired results.

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