Innovation Race Digital LMS Solutions
Exclusively Designed by Andrew Grant, & Dr Gaia Grant, (PhD) Associate Adjunct Faculty, Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship | University of Sydney Business School, with contributing researchers: Dr Eric Knight / Prof Suresh Cuganesan / Prof Martin Dowson

About Online Learning Management Systems (LMS) by Tirian


The online courses we have designed are educationally sound and carefully designed with a flow to make sure effective learning takes place and can be actioned.
We are the original designers of interactive learning experiences which build future leaders and high performing teams for more innovative organizational culture. Our courses are designed to help leaders and teams in the key areas of innovation, creative thinking, communication and vision mission values.
Available as:
  1. Essentials -Pre session introduction (includes digital notebook for the CORE session)
  2. Core Content (interactive webinar / facilitated online experiences)
  3. Learning Journey (self paced online course)
  4. Advanced Assignment Courses (webinar, coaching, + online course + assignment)
  5. Specialised Accredited Coaching Courses
The sessions follow our 4 Rs method to ensure learning. The 4 R's > Review, Refresh, Reflect & React.
Integrated into the sessions are specially designed books, audio casts, white papers, podcasts, interviews, videos etc all sequentially placed in the courses to get maximum learning
The value of blended learning is that it allows participants to best use their time to self-pace and engage with interactive content, focusing on key concepts (outside of a classroom setting). This allows for any face-to-face / digital workshop time to be used for active facilitation & collaborative activities that clarify concepts and contextualise knowledge through application, analysis, planning and problem solving. These courses will help leaders and teams to reflect on and find real solutions to business needs offering a risk-free high impact engagement. Our courses are educationally sound, academically researched, and business orientated.
The online sessions will blend any workshops (face to face or digital) OR be can be accessed  independently. They can be used by a company (group), or an individual wanting to upskill themselves. OR a participant who has participated in group session and wants to independently upskill and dive deeper in the topic.
Diagram Blended Learning Ecosystem - The Innovation Race
Innovation Race Ambidextrous Pre-Course Intro
Innovation Race Ambidextrous Core Coaching Training
Innovation Race Ambidextrous Learning Journey
Innovation Race Ambidextrous Assessment Accreditation