Innovative Change Leader Profile (iCLi)

Are you an innovative change leader?

Take this free 5 minute questionnaire to discover your leadership strengths and challenges – and how to navigate a successful innovation path.

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  1. I challenge traditions and practices
    I am a risk taker
    I initiate ideas and actions
    I make decisions independently
  2. I enjoy networking with people from different groups
    I talk to people from a range of backgrounds
    I share information
    I share resources
    I am in contact with a range of people and organisations outside my own field
  3. I am collaborative
    I work with others to develop new ideas
    I build on others' ideas
    I support others' ideas
  4. I readily respond to change
    I adapt easily
    I look for new ideas and solutions
    I build flexible systems and structures
  5. I like to know what is going to happen in advance
    I am disciplined
    I check details carefully before committing
    I like things to be organised
  6. I focus on tasks
    I don't like to be distracted
    I set clear goals
    I prefer to specialise in specific areas when I work
  7. I prefer to work by myself
    I work independently
    I look for independent solutions
    I prefer to do things in my own way
  8. I prefer it when there is a clear system in place
    I like consistency
    I prefer it when things don't change too much
    I like it when I can work through things methodically
    Do you think any of the following affect your ability to think creatively? If so, please select up to 3 (three) of the factors that have the biggest impact:
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