Ellen Gorrisen of CSIRO Thought Leaders In Innovation

The Innovation Race

Ellen Gorissen Interview - The Innovation Race Travelers Tales

Watch Ellen Gorissen Director at CSIRO talks about how to get things out of the lab and apply to the real world

The Commercialisation Director at CSIRO and leads a team of professionals that take inventions and tech to market.

  1. Does invention translate to innovation? What is the difference between creativity and innovation? - Questions to be asked to make innovation work. Application and adoption with an economic overlay. - Key questions to ensure applicable innovation includes:
    1. A) Who cares? is there a market?
    2. B) is it repeatable?
    3. C) Is it scalable?
    4. D) Is it viable?
  2. What is the relation between creativity and innovation? Scientists drive the discovering and invention, but innovation and commercialisation are different.
  3. Is collaboration important while innovating? Do start-ups require a different type of CEO to established companies?

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