The 6 secrets to building the best innovation team

The 6 secrets to building the best innovation team

The most innovative companies know how to leverage collaborative approaches.

Here we identify six essential strategies for ensuring a more collaborative innovation team that harnesses co-creation.

What ingredients make an innovative organisation, and how do you create an effective innovation team?

Great Place to Work has identified the top qualities exemplified by the 100 Best Companies. Of these qualities, cooperation, commitment and trust come out as a major factors for success.

Yet, although teams may try to maintain the appearance of being a cohesive, they have often been found to conduct turf wars behind the scenes. This obviously impacts their performance, productivity, engagement — and ultimately innovation.

The best individuals in the best teams know how to work together effectively to come up with better solutions faster. They learn to ‘co-create’.

Although this term was originally used to refer to organisations working together with customers to find mutually beneficial solutions, the concept of ‘co-creation’ has now taken on a broader meaning. It now also refers to the need for individuals to be able to work together in collaborative teams to produce more innovative results in a number of different contexts.

The 6 secrets to building the best innovation team are summed up & listed below:

  • Identify core values
  • Develop authentic trust
  • Build confidence to share ideas
  • Provide supporting systems and structures
  • Open up connections
  • Evaluate

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