HRM: The art of innovation in the workplace

The art of innovation in the workplace

How taking an artist's perspective can change your approach to innovation.

Artists have the uncanny ability to see things in different dimensions, which has been found to generate more original ideas. Chinese artists, namely Shitao, were known to depict subjects from many angles at the same time, a technique which became known as “shifting perspectives”. This method allowed the artist to zoom out to give the viewer a broad aerial overview before zooming back in to highlight the finest details.

The art of seeing different perspectives is a technique that can dramatically improve the ways we innovate in the workplace today.

Preparing for the creative challenge

Creative geniuses have been found to be “multi-perceptive”; the ability to see several different perspectives at once. Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity synthesised different perspectives, and Leonardo da Vinci believed that no one was truly knowledgeable unless they were able to hold at least three different perspectives.

Shifting perspectives

Innovation starts with creativity, and creativity is activated by broad exposure to different experiences and ideas. Being able to see from multiple perspectives helps to trigger empathy, which has been found to be essential for identifying the end user’s needs and ensuring innovations best meet these needs.

Yet what happens when we are unable to see more than one perspective at a time? How does that impact our ability to think creatively?

Composing the complete picture, how it's possible to utilise the artist's “aperspectival” approach...

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