Podcast: Being an Innovative Leader The Innovation Paradox (Part 1)

The Innovation Race
“Being an Innovative Leader: The Innovation Paradox (Part 1)”
Gaia Grant

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Being an Innovative Leader: The Innovation Paradox (Part 1) Keynote Speak Gaia Grant

An Introduction to The Paradox Theory of Innovation: Are you a tourist or a traveller? The ‘Paradox Pairings’ innovation model outlines the need for a balance between ‘Exploration’ for breakthrough innovation, and the need for ‘Preservation’ for more incremental innovation and to support sustainable growth. The tension of this paradox can either provide the dynamic that fuels innovation or rips organizations apart.

Gaia Grant is a lecturer on sustainable innovation culture in international business and with the Discipline of Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and a doctoral (PhD) researcher at the University of Sydney Business School. She also has an MSc in Creative Leadership (State University of New York), along with a Grad Dip Change Leadership, BD (hons), and BA Dip Ed. Gaia is conducting doctoral research on to creating a culture that supports sustainable innovation and is drawing on data she’s collected from more than 1,000 survey responses and 70 interviews with innovation leaders. This has also included a one-year long intensive organisation immersion to share breakthrough insights on innovation leadership and innovation culture.

Podcast: Being an Innovative Leader The Innovation Paradox (Part 1)
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