Podcast: Being an Ambidextrous Innovative Leader: Research Findings (Part 3)

Being an Ambidextrous Innovative Leader: Research Findings (Part 3) Gaia Grant

The Innovation Race
“Podcast: Being an Ambidextrous Innovative Leader: Research Findings (Part 3)”
Gaia Grant

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Are you an Innovation Leader? Preparing leaders for sustainable innovation, & managing the tension change brings.

How can leaders deal with the complexities and challenges of constant change? This part 3 includes a fascinating validated assessment and interactive exercises to help explore your unique Innovation Change Leadership profile (iCLi). The Grant's latest research reveals how understanding individual, team and organisation ‘Paradoxical Innovation Orientations’ (PIOs) can assist with fuelling innovation. In this session you learn how to manage the dynamic tension between the need for exploration and preservation, to demonstrate how to lead teams so they are propelled forward rather than ripped apart. You are shown how to become an ambidextrous innovation leader. Drawing from our research with thousands of survey responses, multiple interviews with heads of innovation and a deep dive immersion into one organisation over two years – along with fascinating case studies from our consulting work with organisations over 30 years – the session reveals how successful leaders can fuel sustainable development. Academic Version with White Paper also available.

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