The Neuroscience of Creativity Keynote Talk Gaia Grant

Gaia Grant speaking to 500 CEOs on the Neuroscience of Creativit

The Innovation Race
Keynote Speak: The Neuroscience of Creativity
Gaia Grant

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Gaia Grant speaking to 500 CEOs on the Neuroscience of Creativity.

Gaia Grant- is the MD of Tirian, the co-author of "Who Killed Creativity?... And How Can We Get it Back", and the author of a number of books and resources, including A Patch of Paradise and The Rhythm of Life. Gaia has a BA, Dip Ed, BD (hons), Grad Dip Change Leadership, and MSc in Creative Thinking (International Centre for Studies in Creativity State University of NY). She is now completing an MPhil, leading into a PhD focusing on research into the role of culture change and transformation in innovation at Sydney University, where she is also a guest lecturer on innovation across cultures for the Business School. Gaia is a highly skilled speaker and facilitator carrying with her a wide range of tools that can be used to find solutions to the most difficult challenges.

(Clients include: Google, Visa Card, Salesforce, Baker & McKenzie, Deutsche Bank and many other MNCs)

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