Innovation Climate Index (iCi) Survey Credits

Quantity   Price
1   $50.00 / item
51  $40.00 / item
101  $30.00 / item
1001  $20.00 / item

iCi survey credits can be purchased in bulk quantity for all members of your team. More discounts for higher quantities purchased.

Discounts available:

  • 10 to 50 pax @ $50/pax (regular)
  • Between 51 - 100 pax @ $40/pax (20% off)
  • Between 101 - 1000 pax @ $30/pax (40% off)
  • Above 1000+ @ $20/pax (60% off)

This iCi survey needs to be taken in connection with one of the following feedback formats (costed separately) run by an accredited facilitator.

  1. iCi Workshop
  2. iCi Webinar
  3. iCi Leadership Coaching

We also recommend that the iCi is integrated with:

  1. The Innovative change Leadership Inventory(iCLi) assessment with individual results and feedback here >
  2. The Innovation Race Program Suite here >


The Innovation Climate Index (iCi) survey helps to identify the innovation and growth strengths and challenges in your organisation.

Use this form to purchase either a small quantity of surveys for a team or a multiple surveys with more discounts for all members in your organisation.

After completing the survey our experts will compile a 15+ pages customised report.