SESSION 2: Destinations Negotiating the 4 key innovation culture paradox pairings, and polar positioning

Navigating destinations diagram

Innovation doesn't just happen. The creative class need to be attracted and nurtured. The places that attract and retain this talent will win, and those that don’t will lose. Creativogenic cultures, or cultures that enhance creativity, have four major factors in common. Discover the fascinating paradox that demonstrates an important innovative principle: innovation requires acknowledging and accepting ambiguities or contractions and working through the tension they create to come up with superior solutions. From imagination and ideation to implementation

1 LIBERATE: How to unlock a culture for innovation (Paradox 1)

Balancing freedom with structure to ensure there is a strong foundation for innovation and growth. Leaders need to ensure both security and liberty for their teams to provide a safe launchpad for real innovation. Discover the secretes for this paradox from Ancient Egypt’s dominating collapse and how Singapore sprinted to the front of the pack and what companies are following suite in today’s world and why.

This session covers:

  • The value of empowerment
  • Beating bureaucracy
  • Identifying the focus of growth
  • Dealing with ‘controlled creativity’
  • Introducing dual operating systems
  • Supporting both ‘adapters’ and ‘innovators’
  • The need for guided freedom

Take-away: Dual operating structure chart

2 INITIATE: How to initiate the innovation process through open & diverse connections (Paradox 2)

Ensuring the right conditions with opportunities for both openness and focus are in place for exploring the best possible ideas. Learn the power of proximity and the contagion of conformity. See the mistakes the new “innovation style labs & hubs” typically make and understand why open offices don’t always breed innovation. Discover the results you will be able to achieve when you effectively manage autonomy (for more independent ideas) and connected diversity (for a greater range of ideas) in the organization. Learn the secretes for this paradox from Europe’s ability to work with the power of adjacent possibilities’ and see why cities 10 times larger are 17 times more innovative.

This session covers:

  • The value of open connections
  • The importance of designing diverse teams and effectively managing diversity
  • The need for purposeful proximity
  • Creating ‘convivial communities’ in the office
  • Connecting outside the organisation
  • Problems with hyperconnection
  • The need for targeted openness

Take-away: Organisation innovation sociography + Ideation strategy

3 MOTIVATE: How to motivate individuals & teams for unified solutions
(Paradox 3)

Demonstrating the power of collaborative solution finding that also utilizes individual passions and strengths. Learn what happens when the right decision for the individual is the wrong one for the group. If not balanced, the tension between single-minded individualism and community engagement, collaboration and competition tears innovation apart. How do organisations deal with defectors (and when there is no central authority)? What is the role of trust and how can it be nurtured? Discover the secretes cooperative endeavor’ and this paradox from the SE Asia region (“Gotong Royong”)

This session covers:

  • The importance of finding authentic collaborative solutions
  • Balancing autonomous and collective approaches
  • Maximising both individual performance and team engagement
  • Changing performance metrics to include both individual and team elements
  • Identifying and working with different innovation leadership styles
  • The need for collaborative engagement

Take-aways: Prioritisation & solution finding strategy + Team reward plan, + measuring or acceptable behaviors and a team charter,  + iCLi team balance chart

This session can run as longer integrated full stand alone session, with experiential learning activities, connected with TIRIAN's “The Collaboration Deception” and “The Sky is not the limit”

More info about:
“The Collaboration Deception” (Workshop) and
“The Sky is not the limit” (Experiential learning)

Collaboration among players While many companies have given considerable attention to the role of individual incentives and competition, they have unduly neglected the positive economic roles of cooperation, trust, and reciprocity. Research shows that collaboration among mutually dependent players is now an essential element to achieve large scale change. This program helps to explore  the weak links and find new pathways that deal with individualism, silo mentality and unfettered competition, and in the process build individual , team and organizational potential.

4 TRANSFORM: How to transform a culture for implementing innovation
(Paradox 4)

Setting up systems and structures that will support sustainable ongoing innovation implementation.
The intersection between idealistic optimism on the one hand, and pragmatic resilience on the other, provides an interesting framework for the final stage of the innovation process. Learn about balancing this paradox from the Americans including resilience research from the survivors from Hurricane Katrina, the optimism & ideation mindset behind  Silicon Valley,  Semco’s CEO ‘no rule book’ leadership,  and The Incan Empire flexible approach to farming that allowed them to meet the potential challenges of seasonal and climatic change.

This session covers:

  • The importance of finding collaborative solutions
  • The power of enabled optimism and resilience
  • The crippling effects of learned helplessness
  • The need for flexibility and resilience
  • Transformation strategies
  • Creating ambidextrous organisations
  • The need for grounded flexibility

Take-aways: Testing & prototyping strategies + Innovation action plans. Personal resilience measure & assessment

This session can run as longer integrated full standalone session, with experiential learning activities, connected with TIRIAN's “Resilience for Sustainable Performance”.

Resilience for Sustainable Performance: The power of enabled optimism (keynote & or workshop)

ultimate optimismResilience is the new tool for improved performance. Resilience that sustains energy and drive over the long term can come from consciously tapping into the strong connections between thoughts, actions and behaviours. Research into people as diverse as elite athletes and polar adventurers have found that our thoughts (self-talk) rapidly turn into beliefs, and these beliefs can quickly become habitual behaviours.

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