SESSION 1: Preparation for the innovation race

Preparation for the innovation race

1 Developing purpose-driven innovation

The importance of connecting the organization vision and mission with the innovation process

This workshop session covers:

  • Why we need to innovate responsibly
  • Competition in innovation: speed vs sustainability
  • Innovating from needs vs wants
  • Core values that need to be balanced to create an effective innovation culture
  • Prioritising values
  • Connecting innovation with the organization vision and mission

Take-aways: Purpose-Driven Innovation model + An innovation vision and mission statement

This workshop session can run as longer integrated full standalone session, with experiential learning activities, connected with TIRIANs

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2 Innovation from multiple perspectives - and the importance of authentic empathy

The art of ‘outrospection’, and how to connect through authentic empathy for ensuring innovation is relevant. All cultures are different in terms of the expression and application of creativity. We believe it is possible to collect and synthesise ideas into a vibrant tapestry of interwoven concepts that can create a foundation for future understanding and development. Authentic empathy is needed to ensure that whatever creative ideas are developed will actually connect with the end user by meeting a relevant, deeper need or addressing a relevant challenge.

This workshop session covers:

  • The value of being able to see multiple perspectives- Innovation across different cultures and countries.
  • The importance of being a ‘traveller’ rather than a ‘tourist’
  • Psychological blocks and enablers
  • Different cultural perspectives
  • Linear vs circular thinking
  • Seeing from the heart’s mind: The importance of authentic empathy and the first thing needed for design thinking

Take-aways: Empathy map

Innovation Process Diagram