Media Interviews With Gaia & Andrew Grant

DAILY TELEGRAPH: "Authors say open-plan offices are one of the biggest killers of productivity"

DAILY TELEGRAPH: Light Bulb Moment Employers are Looking for Innovators

NEWSLOCAL: "We all need space"

UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY BUSINESS SCHOOL NEWS: "Innovation 'absolutely essential' to Australia’s economic future – Expert"

NETT: Changing Culture - Helping others achieve success is what life is all about

HR DAILY: How to motivate teams to collaborate

THE STRAITS TIMES RECRUIT: The Race for Innovation - Learning to Innovate is Essential for Future Success How to Win the Innovation Race


THE DAILY EDITION (Ch 7): "The Innovation Race" (6 mins)

BUSINESS TV: “Creating a Culture of Innovation” (5 mins)

Creative Thinking: 7 Ways to Unblock Your Creativity Andrew Grant interviewed by Dale Beaumont from BRiN TV

How to Innovate in a Fast Moving World: Andrew Grant interviewed by Dale Beaumont


ABC RADIO: "Finding ways to innovate differently"

TEAM GURU PODCAST: "Creativity and Innovation"

MacKay CEO Forums: Gaia Grant Interviewed by founder & CEO Nancy Mackay

ABC RADIO: "The Innovation Nation"

Podomatic: Why leaders and businesses must become ambi-dexterous


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