Business Facilitation

Innovation Consulting Process

Business Facilitation can integrate a whole long term intervention. It can assist in creating strategic innovation systems to be put in place and a culture of innovation across the organization, where each person naturally looks for better ways to solve challenging problems.

Our research into the most successful innovative companies has revealed that these companies are able to effectively establish the two major parts of the innovation process:

PURPOSE: The foundational cultural values and principles that will support creativity and innovation at all levels.

PROCESS: The creative thinking skills and mindsets that need to be developed in individuals in order to come up with novel ideas through strategic brainstorming and ideation.

The innovation systems and structures that support the development of specific new solutions.

These areas are all critical to a successful innovation process, and are intimately interrelated as shown in the diagram below:

Innovation Process Diagram

In this method / approach the facilitator's main aim is to help the group increase effectiveness by improving processes and structure. Our facilitator can work with the key stake holders & organisers to develop, design & deliver sessions that meets the outcomes of the strategy or vision. Our facilitator will create learning experiences that will involve the deliberate use of the ‘praxis method’, utilizing actioned events and facilitated reflection to bring about lasting change and learning. Our Pure Biz Facilitation sessions work best when they carry over from a content driven workshop or simulation. Biz Facilitation then ensures that the learning can then be implemented into the workplace in an actionable and specific way, driving towards generating specific results. Our Facilitators allow for constructive dialogue, which can replace debating, and individuals can be carefully guided through each stage of the process.

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