Endorsements: “The Innovation Race” Book

The Innovation Race book endorsements

“Read this book before it’s too late.”
Bestselling international author, CEO, BBC TV Producer, Huffington Post blogger

“An inspirational and unconventional look at innovation”

“Easy to read, accurate, provocative and entertaining”

“Essential for the human race”

“A fresh insightful tool… you will be educated and entertained by compelling stories”

“Every executive should own a copy of this book”

“Be prepared for a great ride!”


“Every company in the world is now struggling to define themselves for a future they have yet to imagine. They all know they have to innovate to survive; the best appreciate that innovation is what gives their businesses relevance and drive. But few know how to get there from here. Culture, of course, is key, but what kind of culture? That’s what this book sets out to explore and define. No question in business today is more urgent. So read this book before it’s too late.”

Margaret Heffernan
Author of best sellers “Willful Blindness” & “Beyond Measure”, BBC TV producer, CEO & entrepreneur, Huffington Post blogger, USA

“The Grants have provided a fresh and insightful tool that not only explains innovation in a unique way but also helps the reader understand how to apply this to gain competitive advantage in today’s business world. You will be educated and entertained by compelling stories about organisations that both failed and succeeded to understand the importance of innovation in their market. Every executive should own a copy of this book!’

Sam Lasseter-Moore
Sales Director New Zealand, Salesforce.com

“Vividly describes the growing importance of innovation to economic performance, and more importantly, provides a comprehensive guide to how to foster innovation in any organization. This thoughtful and engaging book needs to be read by every leader committed to making their organization, & the world, better through creative action.”

Dr William Wurtz
Past President American Creativity Association

“Andrew and Gaia Grant bring their new book to life through providing the latest thinking, in-depth research and tactics on innovation. They wrap the book in the metaphor of flying around the world, examining the differences in innovation and leveraging the comparisons to explain key lessons. Too many people use the word ‘innovation’ too loosely, but not after you have read this book.’

Robin Speculand
CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Int and author of ‘Beyond Strategy: The Leader's Role in Successful Implementation’ and ‘Bricks to Bridges: Make Your Strategy Come Alive’.

“It is difficult to condense my view into a few sentences that will do justice to this book, but, I will try. Many people talk about the importance of innovation, the causes of no longer having it, where we lost it and the imperative of regaining it in order to be successful in today's business world. This book gives us important and clear information on how to actually do it including understanding the barriers that will get in the way. An excellent tool.”

Mike Braggins
Regional Manager Marketing Communications and Learning Asia Pacific, FujiXerox

“An engrossing journey that gathers insights from the fields of economics, anthropology, ethics and psychology. It also examines when we shouldn’t innovate and challenges us to ask what innovation is for.”

Peter Martin
Economics Editor, The Age

“The Grants have done it again with another inspirational and unconventional look at innovation. Not a re-hash of worn-out stories about the companies that we all believe are “innovative” but a fresh look at innovation. This book will turn your idea of innovation and competition upside down and on its head. Be prepared for a great ride!”

Dr Roger Firestien
Senior Faculty, International Center for Studies in Creativity—State University of New York Buffalo and author of “Leading on the Creative Edge”

“The Grants have nailed it! This book is not only easy to read, accurate, provocative and entertaining but most importantly about people. A definitive guide that will mean enough, to ensure that any reader takes action.”

Richard Gerver
UK Business Speaker of the Year, broadcaster, and author of bestseller “Change: Learn to Love It, Learn to Lead It” and “Simplicity; An Uncomplicated Guide to Success”

“This excellent new book on transformative innovation brings together the Grants’ long time focus on creativity and their extensive experience in working with global teams and organisations. Easy to read, with many diverse and insightful reflections and anecdotes that reinforce the ‘why’ and the ‘how to’ in developing purposeful innovation. Highly recommended.”

Subhas DeGamia
Former CEO India and Executive Director International Banking, ANZ

“A must read for whoever has wondered what “innovation” really means, & what organisations can do about it.”

Dr Eric Knight
Sydney University Business School Faculty innovation specialist and author of “Reframe: How to solve the world’s trickiest problems” and “Why we argue about climate change?”

“The Innovation Race is essential for the Human Race. it provides guidelines for improving an organisation’s ability to translate novel ideas into new products and services. This is done with a human centered approach that applies what is known about personal development and growth toward developing a culture of innovation. Whether at the scale of a family, a company, a country, or the whole World, the insights provided in The Innovation Race provide a roadmap to sustainable growth. ”

Gino Yu
Associate Professor School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“The world over nations are caught-up in “the innovation race”. All need help and help that is grounded in reality and experience. This book locates practical help within sound principles, offering numerous examples of both success and failure. The authors put the case squarely and robustly. This is a must-read.”

Dr Kirpal Singh
Professor at Singapore Management University and author of “Thinking Hats and Coloured Turbans: Creativity Across Cultures”.