The Innovation Race Workshop

An interactive workshop (that can include the AIR gamification version) which takes leaders on a global innovation journey packed with both historical and contemporary case studies of companies, countries and cultures that successfully and unsuccessfully navigated the innovation pathway. This session helps leaders then reflect on their own leadership style, and how this impacts their culture. For executives, this can go as far as the organizational culture and assessing the current state and action plans transitioning to a desired state. In the process leaders will learn how to change a culture to be more in tune with being innovative and see what sort of climate fosters or eliminates innovation from a cultural perspective.

Through this workshop, leaders will reflect on how they can face their own personal, team and organizational challenges in order to create a positive environment for creative thinking and innovation. Leaders look at over 30 unique case studies, and will discover how to use the paradoxical pairing presented, to come up with a CSSI (conscious strategic situational innovation plan).

In this workshop leaders will learn how it is possible to navigate the key paradoxical challenges that can either frustrate or fuel innovation – and how to develop a sustainable purpose-driven innovation culture to change the game for purpose-driven innovation. Participants learn to consider:

  • What values need to drive innovation?
  • What organizational culture best supports positive values for sustainable innovation?
  • The value of diverse perspectives on creative thinking and innovation
  • How cultural awareness can encourage empathy and increase the potential for purpose-driven innovation
  • The challenges of the innovation journey, from imagination and ideation to implementation

Can be combined with the Amazing Innovation Race gamification version and a deeper dive of business facilitation session for the more outcomes focused. (Also available under license: Train the Trainer)

Workshop Modules:

The Innovation Race: SESSION 1

Preparation for the innovation race

  • Developing purpose-driven innovation
  • Innovation from multiple perspectives - and the importance of authentic empathy
  • Deeper dives, team building and business facilitation

The Innovation Race: SESSION 2

Destinations: Negotiating the 4 key innovation culture paradox pairings, and polar positioning

  1. LIBERATE: How to unlock a culture for innovation
  2. INITIATE: How to initiate the innovation process through open & diverse connections
  3. MOTIVATE: How to motivate individuals & teams for unified solutions
  4. TRANSFORM: How to transform a culture for implementing innovation

The Innovation Race: SESSION 3

The future of the Innovation Race

  • The future of innovation
  • The power of beliefs
  • Future-thinking innovation strategies and &slquo;our&srquo; responsibility

The Innovation Race: SESSION 4

What is your innovation profile? Are you Innovation ready?

  • Identifying individual and team innovation strengths and challenges (Including iCLi assessment)

The Innovation Race: SESSION 5

Leading Innovation & Sensemaking

  • Executive program, based on academic research & case studies.
  • Preparing innovation leaders and top management teams for sustainable innovation.