SESSION 4: What is your innovation profile? Are you Innovation ready?

About Innovative change Leader

Innovation Profile

Identifying individual and team innovation strengths and challenges (Including iCLi assessment)

What does it mean to be an ambidextrous innovation leader? And how can this be used to develop greater agility for sustainability in a rapidly changing world? In this workshop participants will learn how to identify and develop individual, team’s and organization’s innovation strengths for maximizing innovation at all levels. Includes a fascinating validated assessment and interactive ‘speed dating’ and ‘in or out’ exercises to help people explore their unique perspectives and potential. This session looks firstly at individual innovation biases, and then at overall team strengths and potential gaps. With a focus on executive leadership teams, the materials addresses the sensemaking process in the innovation context, including how individual perspectives are negotiated to produce collective consensus. A model is introduced to help make sense of this collective process, which covers: Starting at the individual level with ‘Intuiting’, how shared understanding at the group level is achieved through ‘Interpreting’, how ideas are agreed on as collective understandings through ‘Integrating’, and finally how organisation applications can be determined through ‘Institutionalizing’. With individual and team graphs based on the ‘Paradox Pairing’ model, the session reveals how it is possible to identify innovation tensions that can arise from paradoxical challenges, and how to create a positive dynamic that fuels rather than frustrates growth.

More info visit the iCLi Survey page and read more info on the WHITE PAPER What it means to be an ambidextrous innovation leader >.