Downloads for Clients

White Paper: What it means to be an ambidextrous innovation leader Drawing from our research with thousands of survey responses, multiple interviews with heads of innovation and a deep dive immersion into one organisation over two years (Instructions and notes) White Paper Link
iCLi (Innovative Change Leader Profile) Are you an Innovation Leader?: Preparing leaders for sustainable innovation How can leaders deal with the complexities and challenges of constant change? With the iCLi Innovation Change Leader assessment developed from this research, we can now identify leadership ambidexterity for individuals (try it here). We can also assess ambidexterity in the organisation culture through our Innovation Culture Index (iCi). In Gaia's research (through Sydney University Business School) she has conducted: 66 innovation leader interviews, 2 year-long case studies, 1071 survey responses, and focused on responses from 118 innovation leaders iCLi Link
Create + Innovate The range of our creative thinking and innovation offerings. Developing creative thinking and innovation culture by design. Interactive learning experiences that build creative thinking mindsets and tool sets and develop a culture of innovation (format: Microsoft Word/PDF). Create+Innovate Tirian Innovation Solutions Link
Innovation The Full Range All Tirian programs are intelligent in content and stimulating in approach. They are designed by educational professionals who know how to ensure specific outcomes are reached. By presenting the latest management research and theories through unusual themed concepts, we create powerful interventions with immediate and ongoing impact so the learning lasts! (format: Microsoft Powerpoint, 42MB) Innovation The Full Range Tirian Innovation Solutions Link
The Innovation Race 4 pages worksheet If innovation is a race... Who wins, who loses and who gets eliminated? How is it possible to stay ahead of the game?... OR can we change the game? The Innovation Race 4 pages worksheet Link
CSI Suite Program Info Detailed Program Information Booklet for consulting, keynote talks, workshops, webinars, seminars, facilitation & train-the-trainer resources. CSI Suite Program Info Link
The Innovation Race Videos The Innovation Race YouTube Channel and Playlist The Innovation Race YouTube Channel Link

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