Innovation Leader Interview: Dr Charles Day

The Innovation Race

Dr Charles Day CEO The Office of Innovation and Science Australia Interview - The Innovation Race, Travelers Tales

About Dr Charles Day: Melbourne-based innovation expert, CEO of the Office of Innovation and Science Australia (OISA). His appointment follows an extensive international search for a world-class business, innovation and science strategist to lead the organisation. Dr Charles Day brings expertise in innovation, business development, technology commercialization, venture capital and start-up creation. Most recently he has been the Program Director for the Carlton Connect Initiative, an ambitious project to create Australia's premier STEM innovation precinct anchored by the University of Melbourne.

Dr Chales Day answers important questions about innovation:

  • What is important for you in innovation?
  • What does the innovation race mean to you?
  • How we a country take the lead?
  • When it comes to innovation, what is the relationship between the government & business?
  • What should governments do to be a market leader in innovation?
  • What is an important problem or challenge you are working on?