The Innovation Race Program Suite Introduction


The Innovation Race suite invites the audience to participate in a global travel adventure to discover ‘who wins, who loses, and who gets eliminated’ in the race to the future – and what sets the survivors apart. From ancient Egyptian Edifices to future digital virtual realities this interactive gamified workshop helps participants learn to identify what successful companies, cultures and countries do differently, and how it is possible to bring those principles back to their organisation for sustainable long term innovation. The program m comes complete with a validated innovation climate indicator for the organisation, and an individual profiling tool with a 360 option . Its based on PhD research into the key innovation paradoxical pairings that need to be navigated for sustainable success. The program will help leaders successfully map the best path ahead. And all participants soon discover there is no place for passive armchair views in the reality of this innovation race. It’s no longer enough for organisations to do what they do well today. It is now essential to prepare for a highly disruptive future. It’s not about predicting the future, it’s about having the mindset and skills to cope with change and innovate and adapt effectively. So are your leaders and teams ready for this future?