The ASU Files – Andrew Grant

In this interview series I have the pleasure of speaking to each of the Aussie speakers USA members and you’ll get to know them from another angle…

The Innovation Race
Interview Podcast by Elly Johnson of ASU Team
with Andrew Grant

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Team ASU With Elly Johnson, interviewing Andrew Grant. Aussie Speakers are active in the USA and Australia

Andrew is the king of creative thinking and innovation. So if you're looking to create a culture of innovation for your team or your organization Andrew is your man. He and his partner Dr. Gaia Grant have written two best-selling books and I'll ask him more about that in today's discussion.

They've spent more than 20 years traveling the world and discovering new insights into innovation and then shaping content that makes enormous and immediate impact.

Andrew has a brilliant mind and truly cares about getting his message across to help innovate lead and transform he's globally minded and culturally fluent meaning he's a genius at adapting his content and his wisdom to ensure it's relevant memorable and most importantly actionable.

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The ASU Files – Andrew Grant
Podcast Interviews With

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