Navigating the Innovation Race Paradox- for Sustainable Innovation Keynote Pt 2

Andrew Grant presenting “The Innovation Race – Navigating the Paradox”

The Innovation Race
Keynote Speak: Navigating the Innovation Race Paradox for Sustainable Innovation
Andrew Grant

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Andrew Grant presenting “The Innovation Race - Navigating the Paradox”. To the Alumni of the Inaugural “Leading Innovation through Design Thinking” Program by SEAC and Stanford Center for Professional Development

Navigating the 4 key Innovation Paradoxes

The paradox theory of innovation is the very latest research on how to build sustainable innovation. For many years there has been an enduring belief that innovation is ignited by being open and taking risks. While this is partially true, Gaia Grant has discovered from her research with the University of Sydney Business School that much more is needed for sustainable innovation.

By identifying the key innovation paradoxes, it is possible to learn how to lead and manage innovation by navigating the process more productively and successfully. Balancing the two sides of a paradox, the interdependent ‘paradoxical pairings’, can create a powerful dynamic that fuels innovation more effectively over the long term. Failing to balance them effectively will inevitably lead to frustration and ineffectiveness. By avoiding the typical swing between one state or the other, the ‘polar positioning’ strategy revels how it is possible to avoid oscillation, compromising and sidelining important innovation factors.

This fast-paced global adventure reveals how different cultures and companies around the world have effectively managed the key Preservation / Exploration innovation paradox, along with the 4 contributing sub-paradoxes. This keynote provides a fascinating insight into strategic innovation for all contemporary organization leaders. And is part of a larger session that can lead into the a workshop / simulation and longer term intervention.

Navigating the Innovation Race Paradox- for Sustainable Innovation Keynote Pt 2
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